Removing the Ribbon Cartridge Turn the printer Off. Manually move the ribbon guide to the side of the cartridge, as shown, then rotate the ribbon advance knob to take up any slack in the ribbon. You do not need to Dette produktet er utviklet, testet og godkjent i overensstemmelse med strenge verdensom- spennende sikkerhetsstandarder for bestemte Lexmark-deler. Page 45 Tells the printer to print uni- directionally or bidirectionally.

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Move the right paper guide to match the paper width you are using. Connecting the Parallel Cable You will need to connect either a parallel cable or a serial cable to the printer. Every few months, lexmark forms printer 4227 plus a printet brush and a vacuum to remove dust, ribbon lint, and pieces of paper. Super Warehouse offers a wide array of extended warranties which can add 2 to 4 years of coverage.

Remove the ribbon cartridge lexmark forms printer 4227 plus prevent the ribbon from going into the vacuum. This option lets you have two different types of continuous forms loaded on your printer at the same time. Maximum mm Selects the paper type: Place a single sheet against the left paper guide.

Menu Options The following table provides information on where to find specific functions on the printer operator panel. Table Of Contents Cleaning the Printer Lexmark International Mfg Part s: Envelopes Maximum mm Specifications are provided by the manufacturer.

Lexmark Forms Printer 4227 Plus

This ensures the printer goes to the current tearoff setting. Check that no objects are touching the printer.

Page 20 Pull the paper supports up. Page 80 Chapter 4: Page 99 For example, if you set the left margin at 1 inch 2.

If your software does not allow you to select the Forms Printer Printer driver, you may need to customize your printer for the Epson emulation mode. Lexmark 13L Automatic Document Feeders. Connect the other end of lexmark forms printer 4227 plus power cord to a properly grounded electrical outlet. Virtually straight paper path eliminates jamming while the new autogap printhead automatically adjusts to form or paper thickness and any size between 3″ and 22″.

Page 26 Chapter 1: Press Item or Item until Control Options appears on the display. Tractor 2 Feeder The Tractor 2 Feeder attaches to the front lexmark forms printer 4227 plus your printer and provides dual tractor capability with a second tractor feed for continuous forms.

Ribbons for Lexmark Forms Printer 4227 Plus

Lexmark forms printer 4227 plus Select Lever Push up the paper select lever. Attach cables removed in previous step. Covers the continuous forms tractor. Lexmark er ikke ansvarlig for bruk av plue reservedeler. Call Toll Free 1.

Page For example, if you set the left margin at 1 inch 2. About the Lexmark 13L Overview Unique pin print head that alternates between two 9-pin sets, extending the life of the print head Standard 60 KB Receive Buffer Memory Versatile print head adjusts automatically between different paper thicknesses, fofms you the trouble of manual adjustments Optional Tractor 2 Feeder allows loading of two seperate forms simultaneously High Performance Built for speed, printing at speeds up ;rinter cps cps in Near Letter Quality on continuous form or cut sheet, 8 part multipart forms lexmark forms printer 4227 plus labels or envelopes.


To load continuous forms: Attach ppus front paper supports to the Auto Sheet Feeder. An affordable dot matrix printer that is rugged and reliable, yet flexible enough to meet your growing business needs.

Page 60 For example, if you set the left margin at 2.